January 7, 2021

By: Center For Safety Of Madrasa Students (CSMS)

1) Residential teaching in Madrasas must come to an end.

2) It must be made obligatory that pupils under the age of 12 are taught by female teachers.

3) In addition to Arabic and Quran-Hadith, all general subjects must be included in the syllabus.

4) All Qawmi Madrasas must be brought under the Education Ministry of Bangladesh.

5) There must be a regular doctor in every Madrasa.

6) If a pupil falls ill, he or she must be taken to a nearby hospital right away, and guardians and the nearest police station must be informed. Otherwise legal proceedings must be taken against the Madrasa authority.

7) A teacher or older student cannot use a pupil for personal and bodily favours.

8) Yearly sports competition and picnic must be arranged.

9) There must be facilities for pupils to play sports at a certain time of the day – it must be ensured that they have the freedom listen to music, watch TV, listen to radio and practice music – they must have the right to view all webpages that are available and permitted within the country.

10) Pupils under 18 cannot be taken to any political rallies, meetings, processions, demonstrations etc.

11) If a pupil prematurely dies due to the negligence of the Madrasa authority, then the authority must take all responsibility, and the family of the pupil must be given appropriate compensation.

12) Any residential pupil must be given a monthly health check.

13) Every Madrasa must have a counsellor who is independent of the Madrasa’s finances. He or she can be someone who has completed an internship at the nearest Medical University’s psychology department. He or she will sit with the pupils every week to discuss various issues and find solutions to problems.

14) All shower rooms and toilets in Madrasas must have a CCTV camera by the door so that two people cannot enter those places together.

15) If part of a room is not covered by CCTV camera, then a teacher cannot sit or lie on that place.

16) A Madrasa cannot be turned into an orphanage. There cannot be any affiliation between a Madrasa and an orphanage.

17) There must be a specific rehabilitation centre or an orphanage in each sub-district in Bangladesh, so that a group of dishonest “faith-traders” cannot capitalise on the orphans and open various “faith-trading” institutions in every alley, in every area. This is also so that the orphans do not suffer from social discrimination.

18) Madrasas for girls cannot have a male Principal.

19) Male pupils under the age of 18 should not be taught about issues to do with women’s menstruation and Islamic teachings regarding women in general.

20) Pupils in nearly all Madrasas wear clothes made of synthetic material which means they are covered most of the day from head to toe in uncomfortable garments. This gives rise to various skin diseases. That is why all pupils must be given comfortable uniforms made of cotton.


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